Do Dragons Drink Tea?

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Girls, when you’re feeling sad, just remember:

  • a vagina can go back to it’s original size after taking something 20x its size
  • a penis will end up looking like an empty potato sack that’s been run over quite a lot if it does

You can do this girl.

Be as resilient as your vagina.


Shine bright like a ‘gina


This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.

Tumblr can be so interesting sometimes…

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"so… are you REALLY a lesbian?" no. i am actually 16 praying mantises disguised in a human suit. i am sorry for deceiving you

you must be really small then…only 16?!

please do not belittle our efforts. we are trying our best

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I feel like I just officially joined the Starkid Fandom (AVPM) mostly. Listening to the albumn for the first of a billion times. I am so happy, this just made my week so much better. 

WELCOOMEEE! I hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

So, now I guess I have a question. What other Starkid things should I watch.? I’ve seen the AVPM/S/SY, Starship, and HMB. What else is there?? (I feel really slow asking this)

Oh no that’s not a bad question at all!! (p.s. I’m digging your dedication here with watching all of these shows already.) Okay so I will give you a brief breakdown in the form of bullet points:

  • There are a few more shows they have on youtube: Me & My Dick (sounds awkward, but it’s fantastic), and Twisted. 
  • Then there’s a web series called Little White Lie
  • They also did two shows this summer: Trail to Oregon and Ani, so keep an eye out for those. (:
  • They also have DVD’s of when they went on tour: the SPACE tour Apocalpytour. If you are feeling dedicated, you could buy these dvd’s off their website (they are about $25 for the dvd and $15 for an online download. Otherwise you can find some clips for these on youtube.) 
  • For both these tours, they also made some Fan Challenges videos, which are on their youtube channel. 
  • They also did two comedy sketch shows: Airport for Birds and 1night, 2last, 3ever. But they are in DVD form, so you could either buy them, or there are a few clips on youtube. 
  • Now the rest of these are small projects with only a few starkids and can all be found on youtube:
  • Tin Can Bros. (Joey Richter, Brosenthal, and Cory Lubowich.)
  • World’s Worst Musical has SK cameos
  • OMG
  • Joe Moses One-Man Showes
  • Potion Master’s Corner
  • Film. Improv. Now. 

Okay that’s all I can think of for now (i’m sure i’m missing some, cuz they’ve done a lot). I had fun writing this! I hope you have fun drowning in starkid goodness.


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….

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"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

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Anonymous asked: top 6 “you tried.jpg” Spike moments

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azula is the raddest and baddest, always always always.  this lighting was mad difficult to work with, though—it’s so subtle on the face that i feel like some of the features are lost.  ah, well.

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